Routes – New Zealand

Active Routes – New Zealand

The following are routes that we are actively promoting and building membership for:

Route 1: Silverdale to Albany Bus Station, Auckland, New Zealand

There are up to 86 dedicated carpool parking spaces at the Albany Bus Station. The meeting-place is in Silverdale.

Route 2:  Silverdale to Auckland CBD

When they built the busway they said they would allow 350 High Occupant Vehicles (carpools) per hour.  This route will make excellent use of that facility when they implement that promise!

Suggested Routes

The following are routes that have been suggested. We will help to actively promote additional routes when five people have indicated support for the route.  A good route will be one where there is lots of traffic, and many people going to a relatively small destination area.  It might also be one that is not well served by public transport.

Route 3: Destination Devonport Ferry Terminal

There are up to 29 dedicated carpool parking spaces at the Devonport Ferry Terminal. The meeting-place is still to be determined.

Route 4: Destination Birkenhead Ferry Terminal

There are expected to be up to 30 dedicated carpool parking spaces at the Birkenhead. The meeting-place is still to be determined.

Route 5:  Destination Auckland CBD, route:  Onewa Road

There is a Transit 3 lane on Onewa Road.  Carpools of three or more people get a great benefit.  This route makes lots of sense.

If you would like to suggest a route to be listed on this page, or support one that is already listed, please register and complete the ‘route’ tab in your profile.

If you are keen to get your route established, copy the details and tell others for whom the route would make sense. Get them to sign up. And send us an email to tell us what you are doing.

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