Raspberry Express routes are made up of a morning meeting-place and a destination. A route is established when enough people have signed up for it. This might take a few weeks, and we encourage anyone who would like to suggest a new route to register it with us (here) and promote it in their own community. We will help.

At the moment we are focusing on development of routes that originate on the Hibiscus Coast in Auckland, New Zealand. We are interested in, and capable of supporting development of, routes in different parts of Auckland, different cities and different countries if local residents would like to lead the implementation. Please complete this form to suggest a new route.

Route 1 details

We suggest that you get some friends together who also think the route is a good idea, to help you market the route in your local community. You will probably also need to discuss it with the transportation authorities in your region. We might be able to provide some assistance with planning that interaction.

For those who are working for transportation authorities who would like to explore implementing express carpooling in your city or state, please email us (paulminett “at” raspberryrideshare “dot” com).

Raspberry Express has been accepted into the Living Labs Global Showcase.
Please take a look, and if you like it please click on the FB ‘like’ icon at the bottom, or click ‘tweet’ (if you tweet).

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