Heroes of the Bus Strike

Auckland is about to endure a bus strike. Some NZ Bus’ Auckland buses will be off the job because the drivers are in a pay dispute with NZ Bus. About 50,000 people who usually take an NZ Bus, particularly to work, will be impacted. Some main routes will get extra buses, but it is likely lots of people will be disrupted.

The impact on the traffic could be ‘chaos’, or there could be a positive outcome. Surprisingly, when buses go on strike the total traffic often reduces: some people adjust their travel times, others arrange shared rides (carpools) and still others go to bus-stops, where drivers driving by stop and give them a ride.

How to be a Bus Strike Hero

If you are usually a bus passenger, it will be tempting to get in your car and drive it to work. This will contribute to the traffic and make matters worse. But what are you going to do? Bus Strike Heroes will go to the bus stop just like they used to.

If you are a driver, heading to work past those bus stops with people waiting for a bus that will not come, you could just zoom on by. (Well, if there is a lot of traffic there will not be much zooming going on!) Bus Strike Heroes will pull up at the bus stop and offer some people a ride. A quick conversation will establish who is going near to where you are going. Do your best to fill your empty seats.

Others will be Bus Strike Heroes by arranging carpools with their friends and family or co-workers, or through the Auckland Transport carpool website, www.letscarpool.govt.nz. These are just as valuable.

You do not need to join Raspberry Express to participate in this promotion.

How will we recognise the Bus Strike Heroes?

Raspberry Express is making it easy for people to be recognised for helping out during the bus strike.

We are still putting the finishing touches on the programme. If you are a rider in a carpool that is helping reduce the traffic during the bus strike, please send an SMS with the name of your driver to us, and we will provide recognition for your driver. Each rider should send a separate text message. Each text message will go into the prize draw. At the moment we are offering two dinners for two as a prize, one dinner for two for the driver, and one for the rider. The winning rider and driver do not have to use the prize together. We are seeking additional prize sponsors.

As well as the prize-draws we will take out an advertisement in the Auckland newspapers listing all the driver-Heroes, including the ‘hall of famers’ who give several people rides every day of the strike, and the once-or-twicers as well.

When you get in a carpool as a rider, send a text with the name of your driver to 021 666 414, and we will do the rest. Make it easy by putting that number into your phone right now, with the name ‘Raspberry Express’.

Flyer to Show on the Trip
Print off this flyer and take it with you on your trip.

Safety Matters
As you catch a carpool, or pick up some riders, there are some common-sense steps to ensure your safety. These include:

  • If possible, always at least two passengers for each car – there is greater safety in numbers
  • If only one passenger, avoid mixing the genders
  • If you don’t like the look of the car or driver, nbso as a rider you do not have to get in
  • If you don’t like the look of the rider, you do not have to give them a ride
  • Sending the driver”s name to our system helps with the overall feeling of safety
  • Sponsors
    We are seeking additional sponsors to help with this promotion. If you are an Auckland business please consider donating a small prize to help us have lots of variety in the prize draw. If you are able to help distribute this message, please do so. All significant assistance will be listed on this website, and in advertising telling people about the promotion.

    Terms and Conditions

    1. Applies only to commuting trips in the morning peak (6 am to 10 am) and the afternoon peak (4 pm to 7 pm).

    2. Send enough detail for the name of the driver that if they win in a prize drawing we are able to contact them.

    3. By texting the driver”s name to our system you are holding out that you are a passenger and the name you send us is a driver in a carpool in Auckland during the bus strike, on a day that some Auckland buses are not operating due to a strike by some bus drivers, or a lockout by the company.

    4. By texting to our number you agree that we can contact you using your cell phone number. We may contact you in relation to special offers from our sponsors, to develop stories about your carpooling experience, to carry out research related to Auckland transportation, or to inform you about winning a prize. You have the right to decline to speak with us. We will not contact you more than three times.

    5. The prize drawing will be carried out after the round of bus strikes has ended, unless we are successful at obtaining further prizes in which case at our discretion we may carry out some prize draws at an earlier time.

    6. Each carpool trip (represented by a single text message from a rider, to our service, showing the name of a driver) earns an entry into one or more prize drawings (at our discretion). In each case the winning entry will be the text message drawn at random from all the entries in the relevant draw. For each drawing there will be two prizes, one for the rider and one for the driver.

    7. All drivers who”s names are received by text message for this promotion will be recognised by being listed in an advertisement in an Auckland newspaper, and also in a page on this website.

    8. The promotion is being operated by Trip Convergence Ltd (TCL). TCL reserves the right to alter, change, or vary the terms at its discretion.

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