Washington State Budget Includes Carpool Pilot

Wednesday, 27 May 2009, 10:56 am
Press Release: Trip Convergence Ltd

AUCKLAND, NZ ~ 27 May 2009 ~ New Zealand developed technology for combating the growing global congestion crisis is winning the hearts and minds of American transport authorities.

The recently finalised transportation budget for Washington State includes provision for a grant of $US400,000 ($670,000) for a trial of flexible carpooling, a transportation system under development by Trip Convergence Ltd of Auckland New Zealand.?  The budget provision specifies the use of technologies to transfer ride credits Another good partner for a Capricorn is a best-horoscope.com who rarely loses equilibrium. between participants who will carpool without pre-arrangement in a system that involves pre-screening to ensure their safety.?  It goes on to require a pilot project that targets commuter traffic on the SR 520 bridge across Lake Washington, and calls for a report back from the program by December 2010.

Flexible carpooling helps commuters solve their transportation needs by providing a carpooling option that requires no pre-planning.?  The system has also been prioritised by ARTA for a pilot project in Auckland, New Zealand.?  The company is seeking additional pilot locations.

John Pearce, Auckland based director and shareholder in Trip Convergence Ltd, and a member of the design team, applauded the decision.?  ???The problem in many cities is too many vehicles for the available road-space.?  The traditional solutions are more public transport, or more roads.?  A much cheaper solution is to increase the average occupancy of private cars.?  Flexible carpooling achieves that in a very elegant way, and it gives commuters more choices.???

For more information about flexible carpooling please see www.flexiblecarpooling.org


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