Full Membership

Apply for full membership today!

If you would like to be one of the 150 pioneers on the Silverdale to Albany Bus Station Route, you need to apply for full membership.

Follow these three easy steps to becoming a full member:

  1. Safety Check: Download this form, complete it, sign it and send it to us at

    Raspberry Express
    17/130 Great South Road
    Auckland 1051
    New Zealand

    Alternatively (if you don’t have access to a printer), you can request that we send you a copy of this form. ¬†Send an email to ‘safety@raspberryexpress.com’ with your postal address and we will send you a form in the mail.

  2. Driving Information: Once logged in, in the upper left of your screen you should see ‘My Account’. ¬†If you hover over that, you’ll see the drop down menu, go to ‘Profile’ and click on ‘Edit Profile’. ¬†Here, you need to update the section that is called ‘Driver Information’. ¬†Complete as much of this information as is relevant to you.

  3. Reference Check:¬†In the same area as above (Edit Profile) complete the sections titled ‘My First Reference’ and ‘My Second Reference’. ¬†These are people who will vouch for you as trusted participants in the Raspberry Express System. ¬†Please make sure these people are not related to you, but have known you for at least 2 years. ¬†If you are employed, one of these could be your employer.

  4. Completion: Once we receive your records back from the safety check, we will begin processing your full application.  You will need to pay the $20 registration fee once this process begins and we will send you further details about making this payment.

You can find out more about the registration process on our FAQ page and if you have anymore questions, then get in touch!

Hibiscus Coaster? Please tell us a little more about your views on Raspberry Express. We will do a prize drawing for a bottle of wine. One entry for each completed survey by 15 October. Good luck!

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