The Raspberry Express Comes to Hibiscus Coast

Auckland’s Hibiscus Coast will soon be host to the Raspberry Express, providing a new alternative for workers and students who travel to downtown Auckland and other destinations served from the Albany Bus Station.

The route will go from Silverdale to the Albany Bus Station.  It will be ideal for people who are a bit tired of driving all the way to Auckland every day, or who want to save money or reduce their impact on the environment.

With preferential parking at the Albany Bus Station, Raspberry Expressers will zoom casino online in and catch their favourite bus service:  the Northern Express into downtown, or other services around the region. 

And it gets better.

In the afternoon, instead of fighting the traffic back up the Northern Motorway, catch the Northern Express back to Albany and catch the Raspberry Express back to Silverdale.

The Raspberry Express needs 150 people signed up to launch the Silverdale to Albany Bus Station Route.  Help make it a reality for yourself and your neighbours by signing up today.

To learn more about the Raspberry Express go here.¬† To enter the “Win and iPad” competition (if you haven”t already) go here.¬† To get additional entries in the “Win an iPad” competition go here.

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