Hibiscus Coasters Fight Back Against Rising Petrol Prices

AUCKLAND ~ 27 March 2011 ~ Hibiscus Coasters are fighting back against rising petrol costs by embracing express carpooling as a new option for getting to work or study.

At an event in Stanmore Bay yesterday afternoon, Coasters embraced the idea of two express carpooling routes to give them better transport options for their journeys to Albany and the Auckland CBD.

The event had been organised by Raspberry Express, an Auckland based social enterprise (for profit and for social impact).  The purpose of the event was to announce the details of the first express carpooling route.

Auckland Councillor Wayne Walker addressed the group of enthusiasts with an explanation of the challenges faced by the new Auckland Council as it grapples with enhancing transportation for the city.  Mentioning the need for big ticket solutions, particularly rail based ones such as the CBD Loop, Councillor Walker went on to applaud the low-cost nature of the express carpooling solution. 

Raspberry Express announced the details of the first route, from Link Crescent in Arkles Bay (near the Whangaparaoa Plaza) to the Albany Bus Station.  The service will commence on 2 May 2011, at 6:15 am.  Users will qualify to use the preferential parking that has been set aside for arriving carpools casino online at the bus station, and will be able to use bus services such as the Northern Express or local North Shore services to complete their journey.

Responding to calls from the floor the company agreed to simultaneously launch a second route from the same meeting-place, with a destination in the Auckland CBD.  Councillor Walker enthusiastically endorsed this idea, suggesting that he will be a frequent user of the second route.

Speaking for Raspberry Express, Paul Minett outlined the mechanism by which carpools are formed in the express carpooling system.¬† “Unlike other carpooling solutions, where trip details are arranged in advance, in express carpooling riders and drivers go to a meeting-place and form fuller cars in the order they arrive.¬† Technology is used to capture details of the trips, and a ride-credit is transferred from each rider to Now this is tricky ,because money when it is credit score range is different to when it is not . the driver,” he said.¬† “Every carpool has at least three people in it.¬† Each meeting-place is specific to one or two destinations.¬† In order to do the tracking and accounting, it is necessary for people to register with the system, and have background checks carried out before being issued with a membership card.”

Registration and background checks can be initiated by visiting www.raspberryexpress.co.nz.  The application fee of $20 will be waived for all who apply during March, April, and May.

Route Details

Route 1:  Link Crescent to Albany Bus Station.

Meeting-place, Link Crescent


Route 1 Destination

Route 1 Destination

Route 1

Route 1: Link Crescent to Albany Bus Station

Route 2:  Link Crescent to Auckland CBD
Meeting-place, Link Crescent


Route 2

Route 2: Link Crescent to Auckland CBD

The drop-off location and evening meeting-place will be determined through discussions with members, and with Auckland Transport and Auckland Council.
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