Celebration at the Bus Station

On Thursday the 16th of December commuters at the Albany Bus Station were greeted with a free raspberry smoothie and information about the Raspberry Express.

Hibiscus and Bays Local Board Chairwoman Julia Parfitt and Hibiscus Subdivision Local Board Member John Kirikiri helped hand out the drinks and flyers, along with members of the Raspberry Express team.

Handing out drinks and flyers at Albany Bus Station

Seen in the picture are (from left to right) Raspberry Express Managing Director Paul Minett, Hibiscus Subdivision Local Board Member John Kirikiri, Auckland Transport Northern Busway Stations Leader Anthony Blom, Hibiscus and Bays Local Board Chairwoman Julia Parfitt, and Auckland commuter Rynette Eiselen.

The event was a celebration of the launch of the marketing campaign for Raspberry Express, a new way to get to work. While many commuters It should work on best-data-recovery.com 2000 and best-data-recovery.com NT operating systems too. had little time to stop and talk, others enjoyed the raspberry smoothie and discussed the benefits of an additional choice for the daily commute.

The recipe for the smoothies? A generous serving of Charlie”s Honest Berry Smoothie with a garnish of a raspberry and a slice of mint leaf.

What do raspberry smoothies have to do with transportation? “Not much,” admits casino online Paul Minett, Please see our page on the ObamaCare Health affordable-health.info Exchange for more detail on how the exchanges work. “but we wanted to give people something nice so they would stop and find out a bit about our ridesharing system. What people mainly want to do at that point in time is get on their bus, so you”ve got to make it worth their while stopping.”

“Raspberry Express is a ridesharing system that is different to any other you might have experienced. It surprises people to find out you can ride-share without making trip-by-trip arrangements”, he said.

To learn more about the Raspberry Express go here.  To enter the “Win an iPad” competition (if you haven”t already) go here.  To create a free account with Raspberry Express and tell us about your route to work go here.

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