Did you get a letter from us?

The Raspberry Express has sent snail mail to residents on the Hibiscus Coast.

Are you frustrated about sitting in traffic? Are you concerned about the increasing petrol prices and the amount of time that is wasted during rush hour?

Are you interested in saving money and having more fun while you travel to work?

Click here to learn more about how this works.

Did you notice your secret code?

  1. Locate the secret code in your letter (in the little speech bubble on the bottom-right corner!).
  2. Head on online slots over to answer 5 simple questions about the Raspberry Express, make sure to enter your secret code at the end of the form and if you do all this before Waitangi Day, you will go in the draw to win an iPad!  By entering your secret code you gain yourself an extra entry into the draw!
  3. Once you”ve done this, set yourself up with a free account and we”ll take it from there.
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